Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to Choose A Swimsuit For Your Bodytype, 2016

Here comes March, and with that, the rise of warmer weather.  Be it if you are a beach babe during the summer or if you do an early rush during Spring Break, there are some basics to consider.  Your body type determines just exactly what you will have on fitting in all the right places.  To help keep things concise, the five basic body types for ladies are outlined below with the help of some simple questions.

Are Your Shoulders Wider than Your Hips?

If this is so, you have an Inverted Triangle shape.  You should look for something with thicker shoulder and neck supports, an underwire bra to help keep things in place.  The halter-top is a wonderful piece that can be found in matching bottoms, frills on the cheeky bits can help balance out the shape.
If you need to stay away from anything, it's a bandeau.  This won't keep bits in place unless you're cheek-side up, tanning your glutes.

Wide Shoulders
If you don't have wider shoulders than your hips, then you have a triangle shape.  Popular trends are making bootylicious women all the rage, so let's flaunt it.  Dark, high-cut bottoms accentuate the smaller appearance of the waist.  Don't slice in on the thigh with the fabric.  You can draw the eyes upward with a variety of tops, something light-colored, your daring compatriots will have some plunging neckline to keep the boys eyes almost at level.

Stay away from boy shorts, they're not going to help you out.  The same for funky prints, too much visual noise and people will think you have gallons of cottage cheese at your side.

If your shoulders are about the same as your hips, then you have the classic Hourglass shape.  You can get away with almost any cut or color, but what will probably be the best attention-grabber is classic cuts and vintage styles.  This will show off your assets with aplomb.

You can probably avoid mix-and-match styles.  Too much distractions and people don't see the attraction for what it is.  

If you don't have a well-defined waist, then I have to go with the question, “Do you have a rounded stomach and full bust?  If you answer is yes, then you have what is called, an Apple shape.  This body style can be offset by mix-matched prints for top and bottom.  A high-cut bottom can benefit you when you're walking away from an admirer.

Apple-Shaped Figure

Apple-shaped women should avoid anything with thin or skinny straps.  You won't be doing yourself any favors by doing that.

If you don't have a rounded belly and large ta-tas, then you have what is called, an Athletic shape.  This is what you have when you have someone who is more noted for not fitting in with anything above.  You can go and purchase anything with frills or with some sort of silhouette-enhancer.  Those with long torsos should avoid one-piece suits like the plaugue.  If you're wanting to deceive, get a triangle top and gain the appearance of curves.

Bandeaus should be avoided, this time for flattening out the breasts.  You have enough problems with this, as is.

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