Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kylie Jenner 2016 Fashion Pictures

Kylie Jenner is well known for her beauty, changing hair, and full illustrious lips, but her fashion is just as dynamic. While a lot of her dresses and gowns might be Kim-inspired it is true that she has her unique look. For instance, just take a look at her line of cosmetics.
kylie jenner fashion 2016

Earlier this year Kylie launched her matte metallic lipstick, which was a huge hit. There were three different shade available King K, which was a bright gold, the Heir was a beautiful rose gold, and the Reign was a copper gold. Not only does the King K make a beautiful look for the summer months, but also it looks great on just about every type of skin tone.

On top of all of this when the King K is matched with lighter colors it can give your lips the illusion that they are fuller.
blue hair kylie jenner 2016

Summer is right around the corner and you are going to need some new swimwear for the beach. Well, if you are lucky enough maybe you can get your hands on the new line of Kendall and Kyle swimwear. The new swimwear line will be called Kendall and Kyle swim and you and check out the new lime green suit that Kylie showed offed via her Instagram account.

Once you see this amazing piece of swimwear you are going to want to wait outside the store until it drops on the shelves.

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