Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Kardashian Girls Go Out - Kylie Wears White

Kylie Jenner is quickly becoming recognized as a trendsetter. Young girls and women all across the country are striving to emulate her look and style. When the Kardashian girls decided to go out to celebrate Cosmo, Kylie took the opportunity to strut her stuff and stand out. While the other girls opted for black dresses, Kylie settles for the exact opposite, white. The image can be found below.

kylie jenner wears white
Doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous? The white handbag is definitely a compliment to the thigh hugging dress. The only one that looks slightly awkward here is Kim and Khloe. Kim's bust is just outlandish and Khloe should never wear her hair like that. What was she thinking? Well, at least the other three looked amazing! Cheerio to Jenner for doing something different!

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