Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tips On What A Female Guest Should Wear To A Wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge task, but what most people do not consider is the fact that getting invited to and attending a wedding, as a female can be quite a big responsibility, as well. As a guest you might not even know what is expected of you. For instance, when your invitation arrives in the mail, the only information you get is who is getting married, when they are getting married, and where the reception is going to be held.

There are no tips as to what you should choose as attire. Of course, you want to look your best, but the invitations can be a little vague and leave you trying to read between the lines or just simply guessing. Well that is about to change. Below you will find more information about choosing the proper attire as a female guest.

Don’ts for Female Guest Wedding Attire

You have probably already heard the golden rule: “Never wear white or anything that resembles white, because it is going to take attention away from the bride.” This rule is exactly right and you should also never wear anything red, because it will make you stick out above other.

Never wear anything that is too revealing and do not show off your cleavage, no matter how good it looks. If you have to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Is this really okay?” The answer is probably “no”.

If you have to make travel arrangements, then do not choose attire that will wrinkle during the trip.

If the wedding is going to be hosted in a subtropical or warm climate do not wear any non-organic materials, because they may tend to run, especially mascara.

If you will be attending the event with a date, be sure you both choose outfits that are not in the same color spectrum.

Never be afraid to pamper yourself a little bit. Go out and get your nails painted a complementary color. Pick up some tanning lotion so you can give your skin a glowing and hydrated look. Perhaps, you could even get yourself a new haircut. Just remember looking your best is important and you never know who you are going to run into at the wedding.

Dos for Female Guest Wedding Attire

When you receive the invitation, the first thing you want to consider is the location of the wedding. 
The location will be a huge part of deciding what to wear. For instance, you do not want to go sleeveless, to a Jewish or church wedding.

If you are attending a beach or summer wedding, it is perfectly acceptable to wear sunglasses and besides they will keep the sun’s glare out of your eyes.

Do buy two separate pairs of shoes, one for the ceremony and the other for the reception, just in case you want to cut a rug.

Do pack an extra set of clothes, just in case a post-reception party is scheduled.

Do bring a small purse or clutch, but leave that big old weekender bag at home or in the hotel.

It is also perfectly acceptable to glam up a daytime look with laced gloves or a vintage brooch pinned on your dress.


If you are still questioning the acceptable outfit to wear, you may want to contact the bride personally. This is probably the safest way to find out what you should wear to a formal event, like a wedding.

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